About me

graphic-/multidisciplinary designer



Cam Anh Luong / Amy is a Vietnamese graphic designer, recently moved to Berlin, Germany. The Bodoni-typeface, swimming and biking out with her little cutie Dưa /dzua/ are some of the other favorite everyday things.

Her background was in Business Law (Faculty of Law - Vietnam National University Hanoi), but later turned to pursue a diploma in Media Arts (FPT-Arena Multimedia - FPT University, Hanoi, Vietnam). In 2011, she's initially started her creative career by landing the first job as a Junior designer in a boutique film studio located in Hanoi, Vietnam. From that day onwards, she has not only devoted her rational mind and competent skills to practicing communication design with a broad range of prospects but also gradually defining her own elegant and minimalist style - which is mainly visible in Typography - the art of exploring the impact of both aspects visual and verbal language. 

After ending a full-time senior designer position at a French-based agency in Saigon, Vietnam in late 2015, besides aiming of job-boosting and going international, she has decided to spend nearly one year living as working nomad in India and Germany. 

Lives in between the two multicultural cities - Saigon and Berlin, also currently completing a German language course at the Goethe-Institut in Berlin; fresh mind, eyes wide open, Cam Anh is apparently, available for exciting design projects.

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